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Terpenes are all the new craze in the Cannabis Industry. Mr Terps has be producing Cannabis Terpenes for nearly 10 years. We have taken the steps to secure a large interest in this company.

MrTerps Releases Hemp CuTT Liquidizer & Diluent for eLiquid eJuice, CBD, and Distillate

Brand new for the summer 2019 MrTerps is back and has introduced the best liquifier/emulsifier on the market to perfectly blend extracts, and waxes. A leading terpene supplier, MrTerps is enhancing the terpene experience with a terpene-derived natural companion. MrTerps is releasing a premium extract diluting solution, Hemp CuTT. The liquefier is crystal clear, flavorless, and odorless, meant to carry and stabilize extract. Hemp CuTT is a natural clear cut stabilizer and is perfect for MrTerps all natural Terpenes. Derived from hemp ingredients, Hemp CuTT is 100% Natural and Derived from a proprietary Blend of Terpenes.

There are two versions of Hemp CuTT. The first, Hemp CuTT is a solution for designed to thin all extracts. When using wax, Hemp CuTT is perfect solution for liquidizing a solid into a manageable oil. Hemp CuTT will turn any wax into vape juice, ejuice, or e-liquid. The second, Hemp CuTT EX, is a thicker version of the original, completely all natural, and best suited for thicken any liquid or additive. EX is perfect for cartridges and more. Both are proprietary blends of natural extracts and terpenes without propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Both Hemp CuTT and Hemp CuTT EX are flavorless and can be used for any flavor or odor extracts.

The solution is meant for mixing. To use, combine with extracts for a perfectly smooth finish, and no need to add any emulsifiers. Hemp CuTT can be used with shatter, isolate, herbal wax, oil, rosin, butters, other 420 products, and more. Hemp CuTT won’t separate like other cheap fillers and is without additives to create the smoothest possible vape experience. Hemp CuTT is a perfect stabilizer for all of your extracts. It can be used to turn your favorite goods into oil concentrates for a seamless vapable e-liquid experience.

Hemp CuTT is the purest, simplest, cleanest, and easiest dilutant to turn a variety of waxes, oils, and concentrates into a suspension. It creates a custom vaping or smoking experience and is the perfect emulsifying agent. The terpene blend is flavorless and colorless, and can be used for even consistency, maximum absorption and custom emulsifying. These marajuana terpenes are THC and CBD free.

All of Hemp CuTT’s hemp derived ingredients are perfect companions to your favorite MrTerps terpenes such as cali red ak, girl scout cookies, blue dream, lemon crush, fruity pebbles, and other terpenes. As always, MrTerps terpenes are whole plant extracted premium cannabis terpenes. Whether your favorite method is in a vape pod, vape pen, box mod, or squonk, Hemp CuTT and Hemp CuTT EX is the best clear liquid emulsifying agent available for perfect viscosity every time. Hemp CuTT is a must have for any kind of cartridge making or e liquid smoking and vaping experience.

Hemp CuTT is an all-natural extract dilution solution with no inorganic materials. Hemp CuTT contains NO propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT).

To purchase or for more information, check out https://mrterps.com/ and https://mrterps.com/14-hemp-cutt